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Shilajit Reviews

" *I’ve been taking Shilajit for almost six weeks now, and I’ve had a remarkable experience thus far. Immediately I experienced tremendous energy, with a need to move my body, finding hiking trails I had never ventured on and running up hills I would have leisurely strolled up in the past. My gums and lips got rosy pink, and my teeth seemed to whiten and grow shinier. They now seem stronger and with no decay. After 20 days of taking shilajit, I had my annual check up pap smear with my midwife. She had me look at my cervix which was rosy pink like my gums! She said I looked very healthy and asked if I thought about having more kids. I’m 35. She said there was no candida, which had been present every time I have seen her for the past ten years. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing, you look great”, she stated. Since taking it, I have no anxiety and feel brave. I feel sexy, and my moon cycles have extended to 31 days instead of 27, which was where it was at for the last year or so. I know I’m more fertile. My eyes are bright and the whites are really white. My skin complexion is more glowing and vibrant, just like my lips. I was a bit anemic before, unable to get enough iron, even though I eat red meat. Now, my craving for meat has greatly diminished because of all the available minerals to my body. I’m in a great mood all the time and my mind doesn’t go to dark thoughts. Shilajit has changed my life for the better!"

--M. Adler. Los Angeles, California.

" *I just cruised past 70 in November. When I tell people about taking shilajit these past 14 months, they stumble over the name and maybe make a joke about it. I smile because I get to be me, wide awake and in stupendous health. My strength and flexibility have never been better. I have some knowledge of the efforts involved to offer this product in the purest possible form. Plenty of slick imitations are available but none are as potent and effective. And why not imitations? Shilajit was reputed to be brain food for Aristotle. So my review is…. don’t be fooled by the diluted versions when you’ve got a connection with the way nutrition used to be but isn’t anymore. Cheers!"

-Tom Nobles. Venice, California.

" *Although I am no expert on the the history and benefits of shilajit I can say that in the month or so that I have tried Authentic Shilajit I have noticed I have more endurance and stamina. With each passing week I have also felt a subtle sense of well-being, both physically and emotionally. Not bad for an old guy."

-G.H. Los Angeles, California.

" *First and foremost I did the research, This Is the Only Real Shilajit out there on the market today. The company is Awesome and quickly answered some questions I had about the product. My experience with taking their Shilajit are as follows. 1. energy 2. desire to eat better foods 3. increased spirituality 4. nails and hair growing thicker and quicker not wanting to drink much alcohol (I used to want to have a crap load of alcohol on Friday nights) I am grateful for such a pure high quality product and plan on being a lifelong customer."

-T. Sikorcin. Chicago, Illinois.

" *I was a fan of this product before I even started taking it. I watched (via Facebook) the incredible journey that was required in order to obtain this product. It was amazing. I have been using it for months now and I find that my energy is more stable and my sleep more sound. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has wanted to add a daily mineral tonic to their routine!"


" *I searched for real shilajit for a long time before finding this product. I am very impressed with the quality of product and the customer service of the vendor. I have been struggling with illness for awhile and I have experimented with many pharmaceutical and natural health products. Nothing has come close to the healing power of this product. I am experiencing energy and mental clarity that I haven’t had in a long time. While I do not believe in miracle cures, this shilajit could make me reconsider. I highly recommend it"


" *The ONLY REAL Shilajit I ever have had!!!!!! When you do the research, there is no possible way to dry and powder Real Shilajit! This Shilajit is remarkably profound and more potent than any other naturally occurring substance claiming to be Shilajit! Gratitude to Lotus Blooming Herbs for sourcing this stuff!!! AHO!"

-E.W. Malibu, California

" *As a 60 year old male with a few minor aches and pains, I was given some Authentic Shilajit by a friend for a trial use. I knew nothing about it, but was open minded to trying it. For the past 30 years I have regularly taken many vitamins and supplements. Taking just a small amount daily I immediately began feeling more energetic. Almost all the minor aches and pains significantly decreased. Shilajit is a wonderful supplement."

-Al Paladeni. Leaburg, Oregon

" *I started taking Shilajit over a year ago and can attest to its affects in several facets of my life. At the beginning I took it as directed every day and craved it… I believe the more unhealth you are the more pronounced the phenomena is. Now I only take it every couple of days as I need it and my body and I are very in tune which is something I cannot attribute to anything but the Shilajit. Direct resluts included an immediate increase in energy – I was addicted to energy drinks… I travel for work and run very long hours and the Shilajit gave me the long lasting boost without the crash that I needed. Clarity in my work improved immediately as well and found that I was able to concentrate on difficult calculations better. I also noticed that I started having aversions to food, particularly the fatty fast food that I would eat because I was in a rush on the go. It becam normal for me to choose not to eat than eat crappy food and wait until I could find healthy alternatives. I became keenly interested in foods that I was now craving and took the time to prepare meals and anticipate my hunger so I could be near healthy alternatives. The indirect results of the Shilajit are harder to quantify; however, since starting to take it I sleep better and longer but can operate more effectively if I have to on little sleep. My diet has improved and I was forced to evaluate sensitivities and now am gluten-free and feel amazing. I don’t get sick very often and when I do it doesn’t last for very long. Generally I feel great and having just turned 40 feel like I am in the best shape physically and mentally of my life!"

-G. Staley. Summerland, British Columbia

" *I am the type that likes to research a product before I buy, so I did a good deal of research about shilajit and Lotus Blooming Herb's Authentic Shilajit is superior to the other products that I found online. It seems clear to me that a product is going to be more effective with less processing, so I chose to steer clear of the shilajit powders. If you check out the website you can tell that the owner of the company is a good, down to earth person. I always stick with the company I feel that I can trust. After having my son I was feeling really run down and I have been on a quest to get back in shape and feeling better. I started taking it about a week ago and immediately felt a huge difference, and I'm sure that I will notice more benefits over time. It is expensive, but to me health and happiness are worth it. This shilajit is the only thing I have ever tried that I felt immediately made a difference in how I feel. It makes me feel totally energized, in a healthy way. I don't even drink caffeine because I don't like the way it makes me feel... shilajit is not at all like that. I am pretty amazed; I actually didn't expect it to work this well for me this quickly. Oh and the taste doesn't bother me at all. I put it straight under my tongue and let it dissolve. It tastes like coffee to me."

-Bianca. Oceanside, California

" *I've ordered this in January and so far it is great. My teenage son and I take it and I can see improved energy levels in both of us. He participates in 4 to 5 hours of sports training a day and this gives him an energy boost and I think he has been recovering faster. As for me, I have less headaches and more energy. We take it in the morning and while it is not the best tasting supplement, it is kind of coffee like, you get used to it. I was very impressed with information and communication from Johann before and after ordering and I received the order really fast. I don't know if this is related at all, but my son struggled with growth in height and in the last two months he grew over two inches. He also takes magnesium and zinc and maybe this is just a regular growth spurt, but coincidence or not, we are not stopping!"

-A.H. Olney, Maryland

" *It's been a month since I had my first experience with Authentic Shilajit. I was expecting just another supplement, but it came to be so much more than that. The gooey tar like black compost of ancient plant material, unlike anything I've ever seen, dissolved under my tongue and instantly I began to feel its power. Connecting with such an old form of organic matter from a peculiar place brought me a surprising energy boost. I enjoy exercising, but like anybody else I get tired after a heavy session of working out. Since I started taking Shilajit, my body has become much more resistant to physical stress and I crossed the word fatigue off my vocabulary. Shilajit helps me with being stronger and more focused. I work with children and they often have colds, which I used to end up getting. What I like the most about Shilajit is that I can have a group of people around me coughing and sneezing and be the only one who doesn't get sick! I'm sending a special thank you to the owner of Lotus Blooming Herbs who dedicates a lot of time and effort into bringing the real and authentic Shilajit from the remote Himalayas and making it accessible to us"

-L. Gomes. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

" *This is truly an impressive shilajit product, I honestly think the only genuine and purest state you can find. Johann is a wonderful person who just picks it up there for us, purifies it, and shares it with us. I have now shared for a over a month the shilajit i have purchased from here for friends and family to see the different effect it would have (yes i used them all as guinea pigs, ha!). They vary from 40s to 75 years old. The effects are as follows : 40s (me included, well 39 exactly) - calmness - easy digestion - less sleep needed (feel great) - openess and more spiritual - better dreams - overall a postive change - (personal experience) in meditation I dive faster and deeper in trance. 50s60s - happier - feel like joking a lot more (yes, seriously) - openend to new experiences - motivated in learning - open spirituality - tend more to listen to others - etc... 70s - all of the above plus : - wants to move / travel more - general better feeling in the body and mind - feels over all healthier and more motivated - one started to have acute curiosity syndrome (wants to learn and know everything, like a second childhood) Seriously try it, its worth the investment for one month... as it takes a little while for the whole "body and mind" process to start and that you feel the change. Johann, you better not stop and thanks!"

-SAO - Geneva, Switzerland

" *I was complaining to my friend that I was run down and heat stressed. She offered me a single dose of shilajit and it picked me up within about 20 minutes. I definitely want to get my own supply and find out a bit more about it."

-Siobhan Collie

" *Hi I have been taking shilajit for quit a while from lots of different suppliers and I have only found two suppliers that have real shilajit and the one that I like because it is the strongest and tested safe is Lotus Blooming Herbs It helps with energy so I can get thing done around the house without help. there no telling what else it will help fix It works great! for me."

-Bryan WA.

" *I have been using this product for last 3 months. Guys this product is not only good but its great! It helped me start my exercise workout once again after 14 years and now i am feeling wonderful. I should also mention that I am from India and I have been buying this shilajit from other vendors also , but i have found Autentic Shilajit is better & effeictive from over all the other products available in India because it is so strong and effective. Good Job Johann. May God bless you"

-Haresh Ben ( India )

" *After taking this shilajit only four times – 250mg pea size dosage each time – I can vouch from personal experience that this shilajit is "pure" stuff. It immediately reminded me of the potent, pure and original shilajit my late-grandfather took in the 1980s and 1990s in Northern India. He had business relationship with sellers in the Himalayas who would ship him shilajit every 6-7 months. He would often tell us that 300-500mg “pure” shilajit every morning is all one needs. He was 96 when he passed away. Everybody in our family felt benefits of using shilajit. Clarity of mind, clearer skin, support of joint problems, and weight management are the actual benefits seen in our family. All the younger guys who took it had their libido through the roof (sorry, if TMI). They never wanted clear skin, but they got something else they never expected from shilajit:) Rice/pea-sized dosage is just about right. The key to this product is twice a day with warm milk, or putting shilajit under the tongue with little bit of honey or ghee is also a good idea. Most people may feel energy flow and clarity of mind within few days, but it is only wise to give this product 10-60 days of consistent usage to see overall health benefits. Shilajit is not a magical cure-all for deficiencies and diseases, but it is a worthy investment – since this particular shilajit sold through Lotus Blooming Herbs happens to be the “real deal.”  This product WILL make a positive difference for most people as long as we recognize that one person may see benefits differently than another."

-B. (USA)

" *Genuine 10 out of 10 product thank you"

-O. London uk

" *I started taking Shilajit in May this year. Initially I noticed a huge increase in in my energy levels and a decrease in my mood swings. After one month of taking Shilajit, all of my blemishes around my chin area completely disappeared. This was an unbelievable change for me as I have spent the past two years trying expensive facial products, going on the pill etc...Bad skin was something that came to me late in life and it always really got me down, so to finally have my clear soft skin back, I feel much happier. I have also experienced such a rapid change in my hormones, I feel so much more level headed, my periods are also much more consistent. Another huge change is my digestive system is now working perfectly. It has made me see that my body was mineral deficient and now is functioning at an optimum level. For the last three weeks I have not been taking Shilajit as I only ordered more and in this time the changes that it makes to my life have been made apparent. I can not be more thankful for having found it this product. I could not recommend it enough!"

-Amy - Germany

" *I've tried five brands of so called Shilajit. Powders are not legit, but I can say from experience that at least one cheap resin supplier is selling a toxic substance - BEWARE! Don't subject yourself to that stuff! Go with something genuine and trust your instincts. I tested the top brands of Shilajit that I found for sale online and Authentic Shilajit stands above the rest. I could sense that it was real from the first moment I got it . The smell is mild but the taste has a distinct potency. It's subtle strength seems to build up the more I have had of it. It's strange but I have actually developed a taste and craving for this stuff and I plan to order some more again soon. Thanks Johann for your courage and willingness to journey across the Earth to harvest the real thing yourself. What an adventure it must be! Authentic Shilajit is the only true Himalayan resin imported to America I know of. If you are searching for the real thing, guess what, you found it! "

-NMM - Austin, Texas

" *I have been taking shilajit from last 1 months and found myself in a real energetic mood."

-pratik datta

" *I have been interested in shilajit and it's benefits for several years, but everything I could find on the US market was cheap, inferior grade mummijo from southern Russia that had been reduced to a virtually inert powder jammed in a capsule. I tried numerous products with no success and several nasty short term side effects from contaminated product. When I found out about Authentic Shilajit I was ecstatic! Finally someone on the US market was selling real, high grade shilajit from the high Himalayas. After one month of being on 500mg 1x/day, I was bursting with so much energy that I didn't know what to do with myself and had to reduce the dose! Since then I have tried to remain faithful with my daily intake of 300mg-500mg, and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed! I am more energetic, feel stronger, and have far more stamina than before I started. I never plan to be without Authentic Shilajit again and I encourage all of my patients to get started on it too. Yes, it's expensive, but as my dad used to say, "You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get!" I deeply hope that Johann is able to keep importing this marvelous product for many, many years to come! Keep up the good work, buddy!"

-Dr. K

" *I've only been taking it for a day and feel that i have to write a review. Yesterday I took a friend to my favorite crystal shop in Los Angeles and my friend Angelo who works at the front desk (and also does occasional Reiki healings) recommended this and the chyawanapash to me after I complained about feeling sick from the heat and a hangover. Within minutes of having this tar-like substance and the delicious jam on my tongue I felt completely rejuvenated, alive, and well. I typically take supplements to help me feel strong and energized but nothing has been this fast and effective. I immediately bought the products (although slightly overpriced but definitely worth it). Later that night after a huge vegetarian Ethiopian meal which made us feel extremely stuff and lazy, my beau and I took cold showers, took a bit more of shilajit and jam, and before I knew it we were lively and ready for bed. I can't say much but that I looooooveeee it. Today is day two and I made my boo wake up this morning and take some with me before his class and he loved it as well! He even skipped his morning coffee because the stuff is just that efficient. Now its about 4 hours later and I still feel awoke and present, which is extremely rare because I am usually tired and lethargic a few hours into my day...especially since I've recently quit years of marijuana use. Shilajit and chyawanapash are without a doubt the best alternatives! I cannot wait to experience the longterm benefits :)"

-BPS -Brooklyn, NY

" *I would like to share my experience with Johann the founder. It seems that Shilajit does not need additional reviewing or recommendation it is that well respected and its benefits are well exposed in this blog. I had to contact Johann and the experience was simply delightful. I have never experienced such genuine and straightforward customer service. His knowledge and the way he establishes bridge between his company and the customers is key to success. I highly recommend this company. Best of luck Āpakē svāsthya kē li'ē"

-Ila from Boston

"*Just received my order and it's clear to see the shilajit from lotus blooming herbs is completely different from what I had bought previously. Lotus blooming herbs has the right consistency, tastes and feels organic and genuinely feels real! I had doubts and didn't feel right with the shilajit I bought from another source so needless to say that's going in the bin! If you're looking for somewhere to buy shilajit use these guys and if the product doesn't back up what I'm saying, never use them again! I guarantee you though you will have found yourself a new permanent supplier and perhaps feel the need to write a testimonial like myself as it's important people get the right product. Thanks guys wish I'd found you in the first place and a speedy delivery to me in the UK!"

-Chris Jennings

" *A great big Thank You to Johann and Lotus Blooming Herbs!!! I am a 72 year old male I have tried many, many different products to help me feel better. I have been taking the Shilajit 1 week today, the first 3-4 days I felt tired and achy, then the 4th day I begin to feel a little brighter and clearer thinking. I noticed I could sleep better because I could breath better thru my nose, not so stuffed up anymore. I have tried several different kinds of Shilajit and trust me, this is the BEST you can get. I have done tons of research so look no further if you want the best.. Johann has been very kind and compassionate to me and really cares about truly helping people. I cannot wait for the next week as I think I have found what I have been looking for, for 25 years and will see steady improvement.!!"


" *I feel that this Shilajit is quite possibly the best stuff on Earth! I had tried other brands and unfortunately was largely unimpressed but after purchasing Lotus's Chyavanprash I understood this company's commitment to purity and decided to try their Shilajit. I realize some people think it smells funny, but as a trained Aromatherapist I think it smells amazing! There is a difference between a bad smell (say our trashcan) and the smell of something so pure (but maybe unusual) you can perceive/taste all of Nature's elements in it. I love the stickiness, the packaging and everything about it...As a very sensitive person I was concerned it would make me hyper as other brands made me feel like I just drank 20 cups of coffee. Instead, after placing a little grain of it in my morning tea I felt a great sense of peace coupled with heightened awareness. It doesn't get better than this. Oh, no wait...it does...As the mother of a very strong-willed 12 year old boy, I was expecting the usual nose in the air about trying this Shilajit. Imagine my surprise when I now see my son spontaneously reaching for the little tin :) And just to clarify...he does not like any other herbal product. I am sure I will experience a long list of benefits as I continue with this self nurturing practice. Grateful for you guys making this available!"


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