Ayurvedic Smoothie for Men’s Health

Dec 18, 2013

Man-Up Smoothie Recipe

image representing Smoothie for Symptoms of Low Testosterone– 12 oz almond milk (bonus recipe for how to make your own below)
– 2 tsp raw organic Honey
– 1/8 tsp cardamom
– 1 tsp tribulus terrestis
– 2 oz pumpkin seeds
– 2 tsp pumpkin seed oil
– 1 gram authentic shilajit (about the size of a rice grain)
– 2 oz warm water
– Ice
– Blender or other beverage mixer

Dissolve shilajit in 2 oz of warm water. Place the dissolved shilajit and all other ingredients in the blender cup. Pulse for 20 seconds. Pour over ice or blend your ice in. Serve immediately and enjoy. Cheers! Remember to take breaks from life’s constant knocks. Whether for you a break means to meditate, relax, or exercise, a break from all the daily grind is essential. Consume more healthful foods and try this smoothie for improved overall health as well as healthy testosterone levels. Being a healthier man is not as hard as you think.

Bonus Recipe: Almond Milk Press

– Soak raw almonds in pure water for 6 hours and refrigerate.
– Drain dirty water. Refill with cool clear water and drain again.
– Place soaked nuts in blender.
– For every 1½ cup of almonds use 24 oz of water.
– Pulse until completely liquefied.
– Remove excess fibers using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag; press firmly to extract milk.
– Add a pinch of pink salt and vanilla (optional).

Milk is good when refrigerated for up to three days. A teaspoon of lemon juice will preserve longer.

6 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Smoothie for Men’s Health

  1. Gabriel D. says:

    Good recipe tastes delicious and my hair feels smooth and strong. My question is does the recipe interact with flax oil? because I used to use flax oil before I found out this contains phytoestrogen. Any thoughts? Thank you for recipes.

    1. Johann Helf says:

      Hi Gabriel, there is no negative interaction with flax oil but it is our personal view that the benefits of flax oil are overrated. Mainly because flax seed oil goes rancid very quickly. We prefer more stable oils like pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil or ghee.

  2. Abcd says:

    Where can I buy tribulus terrestis. I could only see it’s capsul available in the market. Will this recipe work without This ingredient?

    1. Johann Helf says:

      You can buy it in capsule form and then empty the capsules into the recipe. This recipe will work without tribulus.

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